Just want to sell your items? Bring them in and we will pay you cash! Easy, quick and hassle free!

Simply bring in your items. We will assess them. We will make sure that you understand the process. You will have a full month to buy back your items. It's easy, quick and hassle free!  



For those times when you see that great deal that you just don't want to pass up, but don't have the cash on hand. For just 10% down and 90 days to pay it off, layaway is the way to go!

​Need some extra cash? Bring your items in and we will pay you cash. We also offer you the option to buy back these items! We provide a variety of services just for you!

Buy Back Option: 

Items commonly brought in:

Long guns: Shotguns and rifles. (Must be brought in a case with no ammunition at all)

Jewelry- gold, white gold and diamonds. Whether it's out of date, broken, or used. We will buy it!

Electronics- TVs , iPads, iPods, Game systems, from home and car audio to iPads and receivers. We will buy it!

Tools- from generators, drills, pressure washers, to chainsaws, or anything else that might come in. We will buy it!

Computers- laptops, tablets, and mini's. We will buy it!

Musical Instruments- guitars, guitar and bass amps, mixers, PA systems, saxophones, trumpets, flutes, clarinets, along with many other musical items. We will buy it! 

Lawn Equipment- Lawn mowers, snow blowers, leaf blowers, and weed wackers. We will buy it!